Angelic Reiki

Some of the precious Angelic Reiki moments I want to share with you are the treatments I give to some of my clients with disabilities, in particular adults with multiple disabilities, both physical and learning difficulties.  These clients are all wheel-chair bound and unable to communicate verbally other than sounds and maybe a word or two, and for one in particular a broken sentence is sometimes spoken; the sounds they make can give clues to their mood.  I will start their treatments with traditional Reiki healing and sometimes feel the need to change to Angelic Reiki, it might be just a thought that comes to mind or it just happens naturally.

​One of the clients I’ve seen fall asleep immediately once I’ve connected in (this was a big surprise for me I’d never seen it happen so quickly!) Another client can very quickly go from “angry” or “agitated” shouting loudly to a calm, peaceful state but mostly falling asleep quickly and at the end has been known to say a few words “who did that?” or “ohhhhhh” (in an amusing/amused voice which always tickles me because it’s timed with when I’m just about to finish up). One time whilst still in bed this client had a fit of the giggles whilst I was working over her head, it was such a joyful moment, as she opened her eyes and was clearly watching the energy. With another client who has gone from not being particularly affectionate or “warm” to actually wanting to be touched, leaning over to me and resting her head against mine or offering me her head to be stroked; the first time I experienced this I thought my heart would burst, it was such a beautiful moment as the energy was bringing in unconditional love.

These are just some of the examples of how Angelic Reiki can be experienced and because the clients I’ve described above cannot communicate like me using my voice clearly, somehow the lack of verbal communication adds to its power and wonderment.

I learnt Reiki healing having been attuned to Usui Reiki (traditional Reiki) in 1999 and when I started to hear about all the different “flavours” that were popping up I thought they were all the same and was quite ante them. Eventually though, as I opened my mind more, curiosity got the better of me and in 2011 I learnt otherwise when I was taught Angelic Reiki.

It has brought beautiful etheric gentleness and a “higher vibration” to my healing work. It taught me just how easy it is to “channel” and to “tune in” to different healing vibrations; up until then I believed traditional Usui Reiki was the only way for me when it came to this kind of hands-on healing. Straight away though from the first attunement and the practical exercises performed I was “seeing” and experiencing different energies, it was amazing. I started to “see” new colours and “receive” messages as a matter of course during a treatment and it definitely opened my consciousness more, I called it an upgrade! It came just at the right time in my life too (of course, no surprises there!)

For me, the main difference between traditional Reiki and Angelic Reiki are the frequencies they work at; my experience from working with both is, the first is very grounding and present whereas the latter feels “higher” and often I have a floaty or elevated feeling, plus the colours I “see” change.  Of course though, my experience is subjective and could be different for someone else but the feedback I’ve received from recipients as they have a treatment confirm similar sensing.

I would say that this kind of hands-on (or hands-off) healing is great for anyone to receive and for anyone who’s “open” to learning it, can. You don’t need to be a therapist or have any prior knowledge of healing, in fact I think it’s a great personal tool to have, especially if you’re a caring soul, someone who likes to help others, also very importantly there’s self-treatment for ones benefit too. With this type of healing, your Healing Angel knows just what’s needed so you can relax, let go and let the healing flow.

As well as offering Angelic Reiki as a treatment you can receive, I also teach this wonderful modality. If you’d like to find out more about learning please click on the link below or contact me, I’d love to hear from you!




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