Drinking the best water?

Approx 70% body weight should be water and the regular replenishment of fluid lost through urine and sweat is essential for our basic survival.  If we do not replenish enough of this fluid, we become dehydrated with symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, muscle pains and loss of concentration. Chronic dehydration has been identified as a major factor in degenerative diseases, chronic joint pain, digestive problems, allergies, hypertension and even asthma.

As our ability to absorb water decreases with the level of toxins we ingest, these toxins can build up and our cells are unable to effectively absorb water. Without optimum absorption we can still be dehydrated at tissue level regardless of how much we drink!

​When our tap water is treated with a range of chemicals to make it ‘safe’ from water borne disease, these added chemicals plus others can leach into our tap water from the environment and affect our immune system compromising our health and wellbeing. What is the answer? – drink water that is as clean and pure as possible.

I met Nikken PiMag water in 2013 thanks to Dr Masuro Emoto (The Hidden Messages of Water author) who was giving a talk in Southampton about his amazing work with water. One of the exhibitors (Nikken) were demonstrating their PiMag water using energy testing to show the effects of their filtered water and its positive effect on the body, I was instantly interested because you can’t argue with the body, it knows what’s good for it and what isn’t. Apart from testing strong for me (which is a good reaction), the water tasted delicious so I decided to save up and buy one.

My tap water at the time tasted chlorinated, and I’d got really picky about drinking only boiled hot water from a pan on the hob at home and was buying lots of glass litre bottles (plastic bottles present their own issues). I realised I was reducing my water intake because of extra visits to the bottle bank to dispose of the glass and knew I’d have to do something and so the opportunity arose.

I got my PiMag Waterfall Gravity Water System in December 2013. I immediately drank lots more water and enjoyed washing my food with it and cooking with it too.  There was an endless supply from the gravity water system and no electricity required! It was easy to put together and I looked forward to a long time supply before I’d need to change the filter – approximately 900 litres (or 3 months whichever comes first). As it was just me at home, my first filter change was after 18 months (a red warning light comes on to tell you it’s time to change). The nice looking mineral stones are replaced annually (this is the part that mineralises the water).

At the time when I bought my system, spending £215 wasn’t easy but I knew within 180 days I’d be “quid’s in” and I wouldn’t be spending £1-£2 a day on bottled water. I’ve never looked back, one of the best things I’ve ever bought actually. My water is delicious to drink because it is alkalised, energised, ionised, mineralised and oxygentated and the difference is obvious. It’s by far the most healthful water I’ve drunk on a constant basis.

A kinesiologist that was treating me when I was unwell happened to energy test my water as part of finding out what was good/not good for my body and was amazed at the “strength” of the PiMag water. She said she’d never seen any water ever test strong and remain positive, no matter what she did she couldn’t get the energy test to weaken. That made me smile, I already knew my water was good, but it was nice to bring a surprise to the table!

What Nikken say: “many people do not like the taste or experience of drinking water, so the Nikken PiMag® water systems are designed to take tap water and create the special experience of drinking fresh, spring-like water in homes and offices. This is done through a multi-stage process, first cleaning the water, and then mineralising, alkalising, ionising, oxygenating, and energising the water. The result is often considered lighter-tasting, and both easier and more pleasant to drink, while remaining pure and without the environmental impact of bottled water, or indeed the cost and physical inconvenience.”

If you’d like to find out more or try some Nikken water please contact me or visit my Nikken website.

​Alongside my delicious PiMag water I also use their far infrared duvet and my clients get to lie on a Kenko pad which is like a mattress topper with magnets (deeply relaxing and helps to remove acidity from the body), I enjoy their magnet roller too. The Wellness Home products were part of helping me manage a lot of pain …. but that’s another story!




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