For many of us moments of complete ease and happiness, of knowing Ourselves and being in tune with our surroundings can be rare moments indeed. Being “at odds”, “out of tune” and not quite Ourselves can be “more of the norm” for some. Yet inner stability, confidence and quiet assurance is available to everyone through the practice of MEDITATION.

What is meditation?

It’s a technique of reaching that essential part of us that never changes and bringing it out into daily life, clearing away all the layers of artificiality, so that when we speak/act it is our True Self, and not some idea of what we “should” be like. What could be more natural than to be Oneself?

What do you actually do?

For Guided Meditation you just listen and follow instructions – a focus (sometimes the breath) is provided for the attention other than daydreams and random thoughts that otherwise fill our heads.  Following the simple instructions allows all the other activity to die down and come to rest.  Nice and easy….  Ah…bliss!

Who is meditation suitable for?

Meditation is practised by all sorts of people from different cultures and backgrounds, young and old.  The practice does not depend on “intellect” therefore you don’t need to be clever or learned to gain benefits from it.

Why practice meditation?

The aim of meditation is to realise who the Authentic You is, or to “find yourself”, reaching that quiet centre of inner peace that is available to us all for just a little commitment of our time.

What are the benefits?

  • a rest for the mind, away from the constant hurly-burly of everyday life
  • afterwards you feel refreshed
  • stress is eliminated at best, or at least reduced
  • finding inner peace and tranquility, if only for a short time to begin with
  • discovering inner stability that brings about quiet self-assurance and confidence, a knowing that your centre of quiet is always there for you at any time bringing you into the Here and Now

What’s involved?

All you need is a commitment of a small amount of personal time.

How time-consuming?

Since there is no “doing” involved, and since some people even have greater energy after meditation, there is no loss there. Obviously some time has to be given, but the increased energy and efficiency that meditation releases effectively means that there is no loss of time!

Will it change my personality?

What we are deep down inside, our true essence is unchangeable, and most people feel this instinctively. What we show to the world can change from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute depending on outside influences (moods, weather, news and a host of daily circumstances). We also have different personalities for different people: boss/employees/friends/family.

Do I Need to be “Religious” or “Spiritual”?

All you need is an “open mind” free from preconceived ideas and be willing to follow some simple instruction.

Which type of Meditation?

There are so many different types of meditation such as Vipassana, Loving-Kindness, Mantra (i.e. Om), Chanting (i.e. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo), Transcendental, Yoga Meditation, Self-Enquiry, Taoist, Qigong, Guided Meditations and Mindfulness to highlight just a few.

Mindfulness is a fairly new type of meditation to the West which is very breath and awareness-focused. It’s now being used in many schools and work-places, such profound changes have been its effects, calming down hyperactive disruptive pupils in schools and de-stressing employees in the work-place; also working with people who have to live with long-term pain.  Its creator Jon Kabat-Zinn says that he doesn’t like to use the word “spiritual”, and that it’s simply about understanding what it means to be human. – I think it’s great that Mindfulness is reaching the masses promoting stillness of mind – we all need that from time to time.

My style of meditation when I’m leading is Guided Meditation; there is always an element of wellbeing and I love visualisations, using colours and working with energy. As I work as an energy healer, there is always a healing part to the session which leaves you and your body feeling revived, relaxed and grounded.

I’ve left a guided meditation from me, for you to have a listen to and enjoy when you want to quieten the mind and fully come back to your body. Perhaps it’s your first time of trying meditation? I hope you feel well from listening to it.

Peace xx




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