New Beginnings Essential Oil Blend

As this year 2017 is the start of a new 9-year cycle I wanted to create an appropriate essential oil blend that encapsulates the best essential oil support to help us make the make the most of this new beginning. Apart from the physical effects these oils have, which are hugely beneficial anyway, I’m working with their energetic properties considering how they can best support us emotionally. Selecting my oils with this in mind this is what I’ve chosen:

Birch, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Ginger, Lemon, Peppermint, Tangerine and Wild Orange

Birch, the oil of support – helps us to be more fluid in moving forward, standing strong in what we believe particularly when in the face of adversity. It helps us feel our roots and their connection to family and ancestors assisting with overcoming generational patterns. It shows us there is more to life than difficulties and pain and with correct grounding and support we can deepen our resolve, grow in strength and stand taller than before. It has a pioneering energy as it is the first tree to colonize new ground, the tree that begins the remarkable transformation of grassland to woodland to forest, it prepares the way for other trees to follow.

Clary Sage, the oil of clarity and vision – helps us to change our perceptions where needed enabling us to grow and remain open to better ways of being and new experiences whilst clearing creative blocks and distractions from the mind. It teaches us how to use our gifts, develop the spiritual self and feel connected to the greater whole.

Frankincense, the oil of truth – helps us to let go of deception and negativity so new perspectives based on light and truth can be created. It assists in removing barriers from the mind and heart by connecting us with our soul truth as it recalls to memory our gifts and the knowledge we came in with. It helps with our relationship to male energy and reminds us we are protected, connected and loved, just like a loving father.

Ginger, the oil of empowerment – encourages us to know that in order to succeed we must be fully committed to achieving. Its strength helps us to address any victim mentality where we might feel powerless, refusing to take responsibility for life, or blaming outwards. It brings in a warrior-like thinking based on personal choice and integrity where we can see ourselves as the creator of our lives whilst assuming full responsibility and accountability for the consequences of our actions.

Lemon, the oil of focus – works on the mental field helping to improve our ability to be focused and present. It can clear the mind of confusion and restores the drive to complete a project giving confidence, particularly if we have a self-judgement around learning as it calms fears and insecurities with inspiration of natural playfulness and lightness of heart with happiness and joy. It can address feelings of depression whilst infusing the soul with energy, presentness and confidence.

Peppermint, the oil of the happy heart – invigorates body, mind and spirit reminding us life can be happy, there’s nothing to fear. For a short reprieve from any emotional trials peppermint helps you take that much-needed breather. It helps you stay on the surface of emotional issues and to re-discover the joy of being alive. In times of feeling muddled, heavy or pessimistic peppermint can help us to regain strength to face our emotional reality.

Tangerine, the oil of cheer and creativity – lifts the darkest of moods helping us if we feel overburdened by responsibility; it encourages us to be creative by reminding us to have fun, joy and spontaneity in our lives. It helps us access the pool of creative energy held within the spirit so it can flow through the heart into physical manifestation and connect to the joy and cheerfulness of childhood.

Wild Orange, the oil of abundance – addresses the emotions; also known as “happiness in a bottle” it inspires abundance, fosters creativity, supports a positive mood, restores physical energy and aids in transitions. Reconnecting us with our inner child it brings about spontaneity, fun and joy into our lives, similar to Tangerine. Importantly it teaches the true meaning of abundance in learning to let go of scarcity mindsets such as fear, nervousness, inflexibility, working too much, lack of humour, the belief there is not enough, ( – yet in nature there is enough to go around), to let go of the need to hoard and to play, share, relax and enjoy life instead. It assists in a natural creative sense, inspiring limitless solutions for problems and issues and to completely let go as a child does and to live from the authentic Self.

For interest’s sake, these are the frequencies that the oils bring to the chakras: Support (base), Clarity, Focus and Vision (brow), Truth (crown), Empowerment (solar plexus), Happiness and Buoyancy (heart/throat) and Creativity & Abundance (sacral).

If you’d like to order yourself a New Beginnings blend, please contact me.




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