Spring is Here!

Do you usually acknowledge the Spring Equinox? If you do then you’ll already know what it’s all about and may have something special you do to celebrate it. If not, then you’re probably more aware of it than you realise. Physiologically speaking, our body moves from that ‘hibernating’ type of energy to want to take action, and our get up and go comes back (or we at least want it to and become aware of what needs to change!) We move into that ‘out with the old, in with the new’ time of the year.

This year the Spring Equinox falls upon 20th March this year at precisely 5:37 am and marks that awakening from winter months and the hibernation that goes with it, a real breath of fresh air that marks the first day of spring, where the day and nighttime hours are exactly equal. It has been celebrated for centuries and has become a symbol for new beginnings, fertility, rebirth and the renewal of life.

There are many ways to celebrate this equinox. Whilst getting really into it appeals to me, you don’t have to make a ritual out of it unless you want to. Just being outside, enjoying nature, noticing the buds and new life sprouting through on the trees and shrubs, enjoying the weather when the blue skies appear, or planting seeds and flowers is enough to connect with this awakening time of the year. There is so much joy to be found in nature.

Think of the term ‘spring cleaning’ which we can naturally feel like doing, as an inner calling nudges us to ‘lighten up’ be that with de-cluttering, de-cob-webbing (gosh, the spiders are starting to appear on the boat, a daily job for me – eek!), or a deeper clean of your home. If you have not come across Marie Condo yet, look her up, the Japanese lady that loves tidying ‘mess’. I loved her Netflix series and since watching it, my clothes drawers have never been the same! (in a good way that is).

Physically too, our body’s needs change as we move from winter into spring, a much easier time to implement healthier ways of being because we’ve come out of that slowing down season where we naturally ‘hold-on’ to ‘reserves’. A body cleanse can be a helpful thing to do in springtime.

Mentally, it’s a good time to revisit our goals and intentions, especially if you find like me you have more motivation and energy to get stuff done. We can re-focus our mindset and perhaps address some old thinking that is not serving its purpose anymore. A bit of a review or even overhaul is good for springtime! If you haven’t considered a Vision Board, this would be a good thing to do to help make your goals and dreams visual for some daily attention –every manifestation has started off as a thought.

Chakra speaking, it is the time for the Solar Plexus to get some attention. It is represented by the colour of the sun, yellow (I like to add gold to my visualisation for extra sparkle!) but also the energy of the sun too when you think about what the sun brings to us – energy! This chakra is about confidence, energy, movement, and taking action which can all feel possible and doable, particularly in spring.

Essential oils representing that spring-like energy would be the uplifting ones. These are my favourites for spring:

  • Lemon – energising, sharpens my mind, helps me get stuff done!
  • Lime – wakes me up and makes me happy with that gorgeous smell
  • Grapefruit – good for cleansing, and honouring the body, smells like it’s going to do me some real good in a more nurturing way rather than just being practical
  • Lemongrass – stimulates the body, has a cleansing effect emotionally and physically
  • Marjoram – mild sweet herby fragrance, makes me want to take good care of myself, it helps me with self-love
  • Spearmint – clears my mind, and gets my imagination going, it also works on the throat chakra too, expression!

Ideal springtime therapies include:

  • Reflexology to wake the body up and get everything moving
  • Massage too to stimulate adding in Aromatherapy for bespoke blends/needs
  • Angelic or traditional Reiki healing for direction and getting back into the flow or opening to inspiration
  • Chakra balancing focusing on the Solar Plexus!
  • Zyto scan perfect for helping to assess what your body’s physical, emotional and energy needs are at the time of scanning in terms of essential oils to support you

Join me in taking a moment to appreciate this time of year where nature is showing us that possibilities and new beginnings, are all around us.

Here’s a short 11 mins Spring Meditation for you. The video is from the bow of Heaven Scent, my lovely houseboat where I’m blessed with the sounds of birds every day…. even the noisy parakeets bring me joy!

To give yourself, or someone you care about, a springtime treat, book a session with me where some treatments can happen over Zoom. It’s the time of year to feel inspired and ready for action!




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