The Chakras – how balanced are yours?

The subject of chakras is vast; there are many books available on the subject along with different interpretations. The yogis of ancient civilisations would have spent an entire lifetime studying just one chakra, content in the knowledge that there would be other lifetimes in which to continue learning about the rest. With the Sanskrit word “chakra” meaning wheel, this system is a very complex system of energy awareness. They are subtle energy points, literally wheels or vortexes of energy that act as gateways or exchange points directly linking to our mental, physical and spiritual attributes.

​The Western interpretation is to attach a colour to each chakra to make it more identifiable, as well as relating each one to a physical organ in the body. Other affiliations include associated actions, elements, crystals, foods, essential oils etc. It’s useful to know that chakras can be likened to the lotus flower – a multi-petalled profusion symbolising the multi-dimensional significance of the chakras with a specific number of lotus petals for each of the major seven chakras. It’s also a stunningly beautiful flower which grows in the muddiest and dirtiest of waters; hence the analogy that from the least likely physical circumstances true spiritual beauty can triumph and flourish.

We have several hundred of these energy exchange points within our energetic system but the most well-known ones are the seven main ones which are etherically connected into the spinal column and head. These each represent a level of consciousness or developmental stage of life. By understanding what each chakra represents and what you can do to keep this energy flowing freely, you can achieve an optimal quality of harmony for yourself and those around you. When healthy and functioning properly the chakras act as gateways for vital life force energy from the subtle bodies (the body’s energy field or aura) to enter the physical body via the nadis and meridians (energy channels), while at the same time providing an exit point for lower frequency energy to be released back into the subtle bodies for transmutation.

When a chakra becomes “blocked” by being what we refer to as underactive or overactive our being as a whole isn’t in balance, which can potentially lead to emotional blocks or illness that can create an unhealthy environment for us. Such blockages can come about through long held negative states such as rigid thought patterns, emotions and toxins. It is a complex exercise in itself being “in balance”; physically speaking we refer to this as homeostasis where all the chemicals, processes of our body and hormones are kept in check with each other, this is going on 24 x 7. In exactly the same way it is more comfortable for us when our chakras are balanced, if not it can have an impact on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. When we feel “out of balance” we may be more accident-prone or prone to illness as our immune system may become stressed, or perhaps find ourselves feeling anywhere from unfulfilled to chaotic, or just simply unhappy.

This doesn’t mean to say our chakras have to all be perfectly and completely balanced all the time; after all, these energy centres continually fluctuate as we engage with others and our environment where everything affects everything else and is always changing. For some, it would be fair to say at least one or more of the chakras may be “stronger” than the others; this is completely normal. It’s if a chakra is significantly out of alignment, that we may want to make some changes. We all have an energy system, we are all made of energy and we are all affected by energy around us. Some people are aware of their energy field (aura) and chakras and others may not even have heard of them but none the same, they will have experienced them, so it makes for an interesting journey to take a look and find out more.

There are many ways we can balance our chakra system, such as Reiki healing, Sound healing, Crystal healing, Life Alignment, meditation, chanting, plus many more techniques; the treatment I’m offering utilises gifts from nature in the form of essential oils which can be applied to the chakras along the spine up to the crown or smoothed into the aura. After checking which chakras are out of balance, the correct essential oils will be specifically selected for you. A foot treatment will complete the session to “ground” you whilst working on the chakra reflex points of the foot. It might be appropriate to offer the treatment as more of an energy-healing style session by working off the body in the body’s energy field. Anything that I find, or information I receive through the treatment will be conveyed to you in a sensitive way with the intention of you discovering something new to consider, understand, transform and naturally blossom from, for when we have awareness then we can change. The best way forward for a session will be discussed before we start.

Your chakras will be rechecked at the end of the treatment and you will be given a sample size of your personal chakra blend that’s been used for your balance which you can continue to use at home.




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