Zyto Scanning

Having a Zyto scan takes no effort, is non-invasive, fascinating and yet scientifically technical. It takes 6-7 minutes to run, is simple to do and can be likened to a questionnaire which your body provides the answers to. An easy-to-read report is generated which displays a ranking of essential oils and/or nutritional supplements whose corresponding digital signature results in biological preferences to help maintain health and wellness. So many times people say their scan is spot on; other times are not so obvious since we don’t know everything going on inside us, particularly at a cellular level.

Why have a Zyto Scan?

Every cell in your body is networked together, sending and receiving information to coordinate the millions of functions it processes every day. As the body adjusts to changing conditions to stay healthy, it uses these communication pathways to direct available resources to maintain balance; the body is so effective that most of the time you never know adjustments are taking place.

When the body encounters a larger health challenge, there may be symptoms such as elevated body temperature, swelling, pain, tiredness, or a cough. Once recognised, assisting the healing process can begin, e.g. more sleep, drinking more water, taking nutritional supplements or medication; too often our health is ignored until we get so sick that symptoms appear. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just ask what support the body needs to both stay healthy before a dis-ease condition manifests and how to support its day-to-day efforts?  Well, now we can!

The technical explanation!

By using biocommunication technology the body’s GSR (galvanic skin response) is analysed against a library of virtual items to determine which essential oils and/or supplements it reacts to most coherently.  (One familiar application of GSR is lie detector testing.)

During a Zyto scan, the user’s baseline GSR is measured by the hand cradle and then compared, by software, to digital signatures in the Zyto database. These signatures are physical items; essential oils, nutritional supplements, body organs and body systems. After the software introduces each digital signature, a new corresponding GSR reading is taken; the GSR reading may have changed, having been affected by an energetic link between the digital signature and the user.  The software will show markers that are out of range which need to come into range to bring the body into balance.

The numeric value produced by the Zyto software indicates the divergence between the digital signature response and the baseline. Digital signatures that produce more coherent or balanced responses are called biological preferences.

What does a Zyto scan session include?

As an Aromatherapist of some years with an ever-growing tool kit I love interpreting the scans: I will be able to explain by looking through the oils selected what areas the scan is highlighting. The Zyto scan will come up with a personal blend for you, which could contain between one and up to at least 12 oils (that’s the most number I’ve seen so far).

To be clear, a scan or reading is not a diagnosis tool, it doesn’t diagnose conditions and how to treat them. However, if for instance a client has fibromyalgia or arthritis, then it would be no surprise to see oils relating to pain and inflammation on the report; likewise, if someone had anxiety or depression, to see uplifting citrus oils or balancing geranium would be no surprise either. As well as being a useful scan for someone with an on-going problem, it may open up another line of thought for consideration, i.e. seeing your body in a different way; it’s interesting to consider what the body may be trying to really tell us.

To date, I must say I’ve only ever smelt a couple of Zyto blends I really didn’t like. It’s worth bearing in mind though, our sense of smell is unique to us and what one person might enjoy, another may not. As a qualified Aromatherapist, and putting myself on the spot here – I should be able to blend and make something aromatically sensible, with a tweak here and there! What I do find quite amazing is that it sometimes puts oils together I’d never consider – which I love; it’s one of my best essential oil assistants!

Your personal scan report will be emailed to you if you wish to receive a copy and your Zyto blend will be made for you as part of your Zyto session or in addition as requested. A free scan can be added to the start of any of my treatments when booked in advance.

Zyto session (includes sample blend)
Zyto scan with any other treatment
Roller-ball (10ml) of your Zyto blend

​You can have a scan as regularly as you like, with at least 48 hours gap in between.  As an offered service I would recommend a monthly scan as a minimum unless there’s an ongoing problem, giving the body plenty of time to incorporate the essential oil therapeutic benefits being used on a daily basis.

Thank you so much for the Zyto scan last Thursday.  I was amazed at what it came up with, it wasn’t at all what I was expecting, but it all makes perfect sense and I have been thinking about it ever since. I drove home feeling really excited and wanting to learn more! I love my personal oil blend and am enjoying using it. Thank you so much for all your help Vikki! (S.H)

What do I do with my Zyto blend?

Use it! This may sound silly but I know I’ve bought things before and kept them for “special” times. You can apply it every two hours; definitely as part of getting ready in the morning and the last thing at night (unless I’ve advised you not to, in case it’s one that’s stimulating and will keep you awake!) You can apply it to your wrists, behind your ears, on top of your neck, upper chest and on the soles of your feet if you don’t want the smell of the blend too close to the nose. The oils will be absorbed and working on your cells, having circulated around the whole of your body within 20 minutes. I personally wear my oils like I would perfume.

I was really surprised with the scan results as generally I dislike basil and cilantro (coriander), cannot stand them as a taste, but the smell is surprisingly pleasant. (W.G.)




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