House / dog-sitting

I am available for house/dog sitting with overnight stays.

Local areas include Chobham, Chertsey, Windlesham, Guildford, Farnham (but am open to further afield bookings depending on requirements and setup).

I’ve been consistently pet sitting for 1 year now in Chobham/Windlesham area and previously would house/dog sit for a family in Farnham for their holidays abroad.

I’ve been an animal lover for as long as I can remember and my family still jokes about the time, we visited family friends and I spent the whole afternoon in with the rabbits in their large rabbit hutch! (I was 10 at the time I might add).

I’ve had 3 pet cats and would love my own rescue dog (when the time is right) I adore them and for now, I get to look after other people’s.

I am self-employed with flexible working (according to bookings) so at times pets would need to be ok to be alone.

I work full-time as an alternative therapist aboard my houseboat in Chertsey with face-to-face bookings and online healing sessions.  I’m a caring, nurturing, and gentle person.

I bring a sense of peace and calm with me, and animals love my healing hands. They have been known to just lay at my feet (dogs), sit on my hands (cats), and rest their heads on my shoulders (horses). Animals can sense I can help or make them feel calm or just feel nice/better (particularly if they’re unwell).

I love being outdoors in nature and so having dogs around means there’s even more of a reason to be outside. So if a dog needs stimulation, we’ll go and play with the ball, stick, or toy! And obviously, there are daily walks to be given.

I stick to whatever the owner needs for their dog. I am used to strict rules as with one lovely pooch (a rescue from Spain), if she eats something she shouldn’t it could be a serious situation with delicate digestion and she will not survive any further surgery.

Pet sitting is a side hobby for me but fits well into my healing work as I am not 9-5 every day, my hours and wellbeing work is varied.

I am happy to dog-sit for dogs up to medium/large size. Walks are flexible depending on dog needs.

I’m quite experienced with dogs who are unwell and even coming to the end of their life.

I am a professional, consistent, trustworthy, and organised person and will leave your house exactly as you left it.

I am also DBS checked for working with children (school setting) and adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more or want to arrange a meet and greet.

I am happy to provide references.

Victoria’s Pet Services

House-sitting (overnight) £70/night
Day only £50/day
Healing is free for your pooch when I visit 😊
Victoria has looked after my fox terrier Lala for a few years now, for evenings (eg. fireworks night) up to full-time for a week whilst abroad. She sticks to guidelines and requests I make regarding Lala’s care. La was rescued from a terrible life in Spain and concequently has specific needs relating to health and medication, environment and routine, as well as her safety.
Victoria has visited her a number of times post-surgery where her healing energy work helped Lala in her recovery. She adores Victoria and I feel very sure in the knowing she is looking after her.
Victoria is very observant of Lala’s behaviour, habits and mood and keeps me informed morning and evening with a little text and sometimes a cute picture or video. It’s very reassuring when I wake and before I sleep to have those check-ins.
Victoria’s also helped me sort out things at home whilst I’ve been away (ie. post, property problems and covid tests whilst I was abroad) and always leaves my home as she found it.
I would be unable to do half of the trips and evenings out without her, as I rarely leave Lala on her own for more than a couple of hours. It’s also a wonderful thing to see my dog have a friendship and experiences without me, I know this is good for her and has made her more confident at being left and mixing with other people.
Nicky J.
Webster, having healing just before he passed… I arrived, he laid on my feet, wagged his tail, showed me his belly and then rested receiving healing. Precious moments indeed.




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