Psychic Attunement

Psychic awareness is about being sensitive and aware of those and the environment around you. We automatically do this often without any awareness we’re doing so. We’ve all heard of the expression “gut feeling”, that’s us “sensing” energy. We can work at developing our intuition further as a means of enhancing our lives.

If we were to class intuition as a muscle then this process helps to tone this muscle, just like the practice of meditation allows us to quiet the mind more easily, our third eye can be fine-tuned. This attunement at times has revealed new psychic abilities the person was previously unaware of.

How does a Psychic Attunement help?

This attunement helps with opening or expanding your natural psychic abilities. It clears your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional bodies so your psychic gifts can surface and/or strengthen. It’s about working with your intuition and psychic abilities, which are already there for everyone but not all choose to acknowledge or explore.

This is suitable for anyone that is open to their spiritual side and personal development whether you’re just beginning to explore or already fully aware.

The Psychic Attunement

After energy testing on the body (or pendulum testing if using Skype) confirms it’s ok to proceed, we will be directed through the process. Permission is necessary in case there is something that needs to happen beforehand, else the session will not have optimal benefits. Sometimes some healing needs to happen as part of the session which the body will indicate.

Remaining comfortably seated and fully clothed the actual Psychic Attunement will work on the crown and third eye chakras. It may feel like you’re on a journey or dream-like where sensations, colours or words may be experienced or you could have no awareness at all, each time can be different.

After the session

Psychic Attunement is a tool that will increase a person’s psychic awareness to the level they’re ready for. This allows for necessary change and enhancement for the greatest good of that person. If someone is unaware of any increase or shift, it does not mean one is not happening.

Your expanded awareness from the attunement might be as straightforward as making a good decision in your life or as far reaching as seeing future events, the possibilities or outcomes are endless. Often it’s a gradual, subtle shift with an accumulative effect but be assured you receive exactly what you’re ready for.

An amazing experience! Your love and compassion made me feel safe and relaxed. The energy I received was so strong. So much went on in the session that it was impossible to take it all in. Colours, light, symbols, eyes, images of people, so much going on. All in a relaxed and safe cocoon. It was easy to let go and just experience. Can’t wait to become aware of the results of your love and healing! Thank you. Love & light.” Tim.

What a wonderful experience. Bathed in colours and love and feeling such peace. All things from the material world stripped away as I became one with the light. Thank you Vikki. Love & light.” Gill.

Very relaxing. Felt hot and cold being released especially my head and shoulders. Saw my third eye and the release of something I had been thinking of a long time and a message saying it had been done. Thank you Vic x” Dave.

Felt the receipt of power in the form of heat around upper body and head. Very comforting. “Saw” watery purple and green, which is quite usual for me – and I take it to be a good sign. Hot hands too! Lovely treatment, Vikki. Thank you.” Suzanne.

Feel really good, very relaxed and grounded. Third eye feels alive!” Angie.

Is Psychic Attunement a one-off treatment?

The Psychic Attunement can be performed on a regular basis, as and when or once only. It is your journey for you to decide upon. At the end of your treatment, we will check to see if applicable when you should next have one. You can always dowse with a pendulum yourself and ask your Higher Self what’s for your greatest good.

Psychic Attunement 75 mins – £130

If you’d like to book or find out more about any of my treatments, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 07789 516 517.

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