I run workshops for individuals or small groups who want to know more! You may be interested to learn how the essential oils work their magic, or how to experiment with them yourself. Perhaps you have considered becoming a healing practitioner and would like to take the first steps in your training?

My workshops take place in a number of local venues, or I can bring them to your home or workplace if you prefer a more private setting. Small group workshops are ideal for exploring wellness in the workplace for instance, or for getting friends together with a shared passion for holistic health and wellbeing.

Please have a look through the workshops below, and don’t hesitate to call me to find or create one that works for you.

Essential Oil Workshops

Come and learn about essential oils and how they have so many different uses for everyday life. I believe there is an essential oil to help with any problem. Workshops are tailored to the needs of those attending, and the topics they would like to cover – why not put my theory to the test, I like a challenge!

Some of the topics commonly covered are: Everyday Ailments, Emotional Healing, Cooking & Nutrition, Children, Learning & Exam Stress, Pet Care, Stress & Hormones, Workplace & Concentration, Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond, and Skincare – to name but a few!

Per Workshop – £50-65

Please contact me to register interest in Essential Oil workshops.

Learning Reiki

Whether you want to learn Reiki for just yourself, friends, and family or to take it up professionally, it is important you find the right Reiki Master to train with. You need to feel comfortable with them and have confidence in their authenticity. They will undoubtedly be quite passionate about teaching Reiki and be happy to share their experiences with you. Read more…

Angelic Reiki Healing Training

The Angelic Reiki healing system is taught by means of two separate workshops, which connect the student with powerful Angelic energy being anchored on earth.  Angelic Reiki is suitable for beginners and equally for those experienced in other healing systems. No experience in any other holistic complementary therapy is required by those wishing to learn Angelic Reiki.

Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 (2 1/2 days) – £380
Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 (3 days) – £685

Once you’re attuned to the Angelic Reiki vibration you can join in with Angelic Reiki Circle. Something that is recommended for all Angelic Reiki healers where they can practice and take time for themselves and exchange healing, It is always a lovely group of like-minded souls, where we can share and talk about our Angel and healing experiences and feel connected to our tribe.

Each person gets to lie down on the couch while up to 4 healers give healing. A time to enjoy receiving some of the beautiful energy we love working with and giving to others.

Light refreshments will be provided, so all you need to bring is yourself and an open heart.

Angelic Reiki Circle (2 hours) – £15

Find out more details

The next training date for Angelic Reiki is September 2023. Please contact me with any questions, to join a waiting list if you cannot make the next date or about Angelic Reiki Circle.

Usui Reiki Healing Training

Traditional Reiki is taught in “levels” or “degrees” starting at Level 1 or First Degree for the initial connection. Next is Level 2 or Second Degree, the practitioner level where three symbols are learned. Advanced Reiki is an “in-between” training for progressing toward Reiki Master and is a good place to stop if you know you do not want to become a Reiki Master. The final level is Reiki Master/Teacher where you can opt to train without the teaching instruction, hence I split the training for this level. Your Reiki Master can guide you on how quickly you progress through the levels.

Reiki 1 (2 days) – £330
Reiki 2 (2 days) – £370
Advanced Reiki (1 day) – £175
Reiki Masters (2 days) – £475
Reiki Master/Teacher (3 days) – £685

Reiki Teacher (1 day) – £310

Find out more details

Once attuned to the Reiki vibration, no matter what level you’re trained to, or whoever you’ve trained with you are welcome to join my Usui Reiki Circle. This is an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned, receive some healing yourself, and spend time with fellow Reiki healers. This runs approximately 6-8 weeks and costs £15. To book for the next Usui Reiki Circle please contact me.

The next training dates for Reiki will be in Autumn/Winter 2023.

Please contact me with any questions regarding Reiki training, joining a waiting list or Reiki Circle.

Chakra Workshops

A series of seven workshops for those interested in chakras. These workshops are suitable for everyone from beginners to those like me who just love to find out more or refresh their awareness and to work more consciously with them for self-development.

These are experiential workshops that cover chakra correspondences, characteristics, archetypes, crystals, imbalances, meditation, and essential oils.

For face-to-face workshops you yourself would be essential oil blending otherwise your oils will be chosen via discussion online so a bespoke blend can be created for you.

After each online event, you will receive a crystal and a personalised chakra rollerball blend to help balance that chakra’s energy.

These can be standalone workshops or enjoy the full series and give your chakra system a good workout! You will receive a complimentary key chain oil carry pouch where you can store mini rollerballs of your blends.

Per Workshop – £65 / Online – £40
All 7 Workshops – £400 / Online – £240

Please contact me to register your interest.




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